Post Production

With one week to go before out submission, we are wrapping up our post-production.

James has the online edit locked, and will be working on the online edit this weekend. 

Claire has been working on the sound design, wrapping ADR sessions with The Narrator, Ryan Cooper, and The Highwayman, Chris Barnicoat. We had a foley recoding session up in Plymouth at the Whitsand Bay Fort with Cliff and Helen from the 43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry. They fired their 17th Century Brown Bess and 18th Century Brown Bess Carbines for us to capture authentic recordings for the Redcoat's muskets.

George has been coordinating the VFX crew who have been working vigorously on invisible effects to keep out locations and sets authentic to the time period. The team has been replacing windows, painting out signposts and drainpipes as well as adding in more dramatic skyscapes to keep in the dramatic style of the film. 

Colour Grading with Alex starts this week, where we will match and perfect all the visuals as well as adding an extra stylistic layer to the aesthetic.

And last but by no means least, Ben Sutcliffe has been composing the accompanying score which is set to be recorded on Friday!

We are proud with how the film is shaping up, and everyone is working hard to achieve the highest quality of work possible. We can't wait to share the final result with you all shortly!