Days 2, 3, & 4!

We were fortunate enough to have been allowed access to a second National Trust property! This time, we were filming at the 14th Century Tintagel Old Post Office. 

We hired a prop bar, barrels, and tankards, and the post office's 'Great Hall' was transformed into the Inn. We used a gorgeous bedroom with low hanging eaves and a 17th Century bed for the setting of 'Bess's Bedroom'. 

The already stunning location really shone once we had our Narrator, Landlord, Extras and Redcoats all in costume.

We knew in advance about a few issues that we would have to overcome. All the windows had to be blacked out since we were filming night time scenes in the day, however this was not a huge issue, as we were already planning on matte painting in our Bodmin Moor exteriors. Our Bar set had to be digitally extended in post, but since we had the physically thing on set, all measurements and textures could be captured on location. 

Many thanks to Rhodri Daves and the National Trust.

Here is a selection of behind the scenes photos by Jonathan Wilson: