The Highwayman is coming!

Forgive our silence, and thank you for your patient support!

The Highwayman is currently undergoing the final stages of post-production, as we complete the last few VFX shots.

We can't wait for you all to see the final film. Everyone involved has pulled out all the stops, and we're so proud of what the team has managed to achieve.

The film will be ready in less than a week! We'll share it with you online first, before starting our film festival submissions with the Zebra Poetry Film Festival in Berlin.

We can't wait to share the final product with you.

Post Production

With one week to go before out submission, we are wrapping up our post-production.

James has the online edit locked, and will be working on the online edit this weekend. 

Claire has been working on the sound design, wrapping ADR sessions with The Narrator, Ryan Cooper, and The Highwayman, Chris Barnicoat. We had a foley recoding session up in Plymouth at the Whitsand Bay Fort with Cliff and Helen from the 43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry. They fired their 17th Century Brown Bess and 18th Century Brown Bess Carbines for us to capture authentic recordings for the Redcoat's muskets.

George has been coordinating the VFX crew who have been working vigorously on invisible effects to keep out locations and sets authentic to the time period. The team has been replacing windows, painting out signposts and drainpipes as well as adding in more dramatic skyscapes to keep in the dramatic style of the film. 

Colour Grading with Alex starts this week, where we will match and perfect all the visuals as well as adding an extra stylistic layer to the aesthetic.

And last but by no means least, Ben Sutcliffe has been composing the accompanying score which is set to be recorded on Friday!

We are proud with how the film is shaping up, and everyone is working hard to achieve the highest quality of work possible. We can't wait to share the final result with you all shortly!

Thats a wrap!!

Today was the fourth and final day of principal photography for The Highwayman! We were on the moorlands of Bodmin all day filming lots of exciting sequences. The Highwayman galloped over the moor, and the redcoats came marching. Jane from Polmartin Riding rode "Rainbow" as The Highwayman's stunt double.

Days 2, 3, & 4!

We were fortunate enough to have been allowed access to a second National Trust property! This time, we were filming at the 14th Century Tintagel Old Post Office. 

We hired a prop bar, barrels, and tankards, and the post office's 'Great Hall' was transformed into the Inn. We used a gorgeous bedroom with low hanging eaves and a 17th Century bed for the setting of 'Bess's Bedroom'. 

The already stunning location really shone once we had our Narrator, Landlord, Extras and Redcoats all in costume.

We knew in advance about a few issues that we would have to overcome. All the windows had to be blacked out since we were filming night time scenes in the day, however this was not a huge issue, as we were already planning on matte painting in our Bodmin Moor exteriors. Our Bar set had to be digitally extended in post, but since we had the physically thing on set, all measurements and textures could be captured on location. 

Many thanks to Rhodri Daves and the National Trust.

Here is a selection of behind the scenes photos by Jonathan Wilson:

Our first day shooting!

We were fortunate enough to have been allowed access to the water mill at the National Trust property Cotehele. We found during our location scouting that from the right angle, we could dress this Victorian property as a Georgian town for the Magistrate's office.

Here are a collection of behind the scenes stills from our Feb 12th shoot at Cotehele Mill.

The Highwayman (2016)

This is a production blog for The Highwayman (Chater, 2016). A ten minute romantic tragedy based of Alfred Noye's 1906 poem of the same name.


Ryan Cooper - The Narrator
Chris Barnicoat - The Highwayman
Katy Hamilton - Bess
Henry Austwick - Tim 'the Ostler'
Rory Wilton - Landlord
Guillaume Rivaud - Officer
Ritchie Crane - Redcoat 1
Ben Robins - Redcoat 2
Lee Galley - Redcoat 3
Stuart Milliner - Redcoat 4
Ben Sutcliffe - Inn Musician
Sam Heger - Narrator's Companion
James Chatwin - Extra 1
Alessi Heitman-Rice - Extra 2
Henry Isaksen - Extra 3
Elliott Birch-Mackay - Extra 4
Sally Newton - Extra 5



Ollie Chater - Director/ Writer/ VFX
Henry Isaksen - Producer
Ella Turner - 1st AD
Zack Langsdon - Director of Photography
Celine Brekne - Gaffer
Alessi Heitman-Rice - Best Boy
James Lee-Warner - Editor
Claire Stevens - Sound Design
Becky Quinn - Make up Artist
Alex Shaw - Colour Grader
Ben Sutcliffe - Composer

Elliott Birch-Mackay - VFX Supervisor
Kylie Kamanga - VFX Coordinator
Karolina Papp - VFX
Flo Green - VFX
Joseph Chalmers - VFX
Harry Orford - VFX
Ashley Howard - VFX
Phillip Banko - VFX
George Quelch - VFX
Josh Webberley - VFX
Dominic Taylor - VFX

Ruby Livesey Graphic Design, Artwork
Jonathan Wilson Set Stills Photography